How to transfer a license to someone else

Please read this carefully before requesting a license transfer:

LinPlug does allow the transfer of licenses to another person. However, only transfers of current product versions are permitted, you cannot transfer any older product versions (For example you cannot transfer Alpha 2 as Alpha 3 is the current version).

Furthermore NFR (Not For Resale) versions cannot be transferred and Host-locked versions cannot be transferred (in example CronoX 3 for Tracktion cannot be transferred).

You can transfer any regular, currently sold and full version of a product. When you want to transfer your license to someone else you need to pay a fee which covers our efforts in transfering a the license as well as support for the new licensee.

We will contact the new licensee and send him a new serial and the registration details. You are not allowed to use the instruments anymore after your license has been transfered. Your old serial will be blocked in any future product updates.

The transfer of a license does cost 12.50 US$ and has to be paid by the seller (to make sure its a valid request). Please follow the link below to pay the fee and get us the details of the new license holder (to be entered during order process, when asked for):