Spectral 1.1 beta test

Welcome to the Spectral beta test and thank you. Use the beta version at your own risk, this version is not intended to be used with any relevant music production, it is for testing only!

Version 1.1 for Mac OSX

Version 1.1 for Windows PC

Updated Manual for version 1.1

What should you report ?

Any problems and any incompatibilty with existing presets and projects, please use our support form

Whats new in version 1.1

  • Many more fx parameter can be modulated (66 new ones in total)
  • Matrix now with 24 slots
  • Improved Oscillator FM crossmodulation
  • Delay-MD now with separate High-Pass/Low-Pass
  • Delay-Stereo with Switch: Filter in Feedback
  • Fixed  LFO Mono/Single mode now also copied/pasted
  • Fixed Resonance was not part of audio stream for cross-modulation
  • Fixed various filters were not ok @ 96 kHz
  • Fixed Glide Constant Rate modulation (was always constant time)
  • Fixed Arp Glide not correct if the notes are of same note number
  • Fixed Arp Sounds may stop arbitrarily
  • Fixed LFO speed changes are applied much faster