Our new top of the line synthesizer, the result of 14 years of synthesizer building experience.

If you are familiar with subtractive synthesis, you will feel right at home with the Spectral, because you can choose an oscillator  waveform, choose a filter shape and go on from there. But Spectral delivers far more options than you would expect from the well sorted user interface. Both Oscillator Waveform and Filter Shape can be edited in depth and modulated. This unique audio engine is capable of delivering many sounds never heard before.

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The Spectral is only available from us and our partners though the links below. It comes with a comprehensive 95+ page PDF manual in English (or Japanese when ordering from Japan.) and more than 850 preset sounds to get you started. The license fee is 119 Euro / 15.000 Yen / 159 US$

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Spectral runs on almost every computer not older than a few years and in any major DAW. Precisely this means:

  • A Mac or PC with at least an Intel core i3, i5, i7 or equivalent CPU and about 180 Mb RAM per Spectral instance
  • An AU or VST capable DAW like Cubase, Logic, Live, Orion, Studio One, Sonar, FL Studio etc
  • a Screen resolution of 1280 x 800 or better
  • Mac OSX 10.5 and newer or Windows XP and newer
  • Spectral comes both as native 32 bit and 64 bit plugin, Audio Unit and VST
  • If unsure you may try the demo from the "Downloads" section and see how well Spectral runs on your computer


"Just need to say thank you for a magic piece of software! The new Spectral is a blast. Will use it frequently on my new album"

Tomas Bodin

"The possibilities for oscillator/filter inter-modulation, combined with the means of drawing both waveforms and filter curves, and the ability to do real-time timbre modification on the oscillators, makes this a very powerful machine."

Warren Burt for SoundBytesMag

[ read the full review ]

"With Spectral LinPlug created a mighty synthesis powerplant which makes a complex form of synthesis easy to handle"

Beat 04/2014, rating 6 from 6

"Amazingly flexible filter. Powerful modulation."

Music Radar, rating 4 out of 5

"A dream come true for sound designers, and a potent resource for any well equipped studio"

Jim Aikin for Keyboard 02.2014

“To describe the Filter as a Multi-Mode Filter would be a massive understatement.”

Ulf Kaiser for KEYS 03/2014

[ read the full review ]

"Massive sonic flexibility"

MusicTech.Net, 9 from 10 rating and "Editors Choice" award

[ read the full review ]

"Ein gut konstruiertes Instrument für Extremschrauber und alle, die es werden wollen!"

Holger Gerdes für Amazona.de

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"You really can create any filter shape you like with this, which is obviously a very powerful feature."

Computer Music 201

[ read the full review ]

"Wow! You have created a masterpiece! It takes true brilliance to create an instrument that is infinitely deep while staying accessible and simple to program. The sounds are fantastic. I am feeling inspired to create. Right now!"

Gil Talmi | Film Composer

music for socially conscious film

"Learn it slowly – it will provide you with many years of composing and timbral exploration discoveries."

Sound Bytes [ read the full review ]

"Spectral is the best synth i ever used. I make forestpsy music, and this is perfect for all weird sounds, & fatness."



  • Four Oscillator and Filter modules with powerful and detailed harmonics and filter editing functions

  • Extensive Oscillator and Filter audio rate cross-modulations.

  • Versatile Arpeggiator with in depth editing of every step, including length, transpose, voice number and Glide

  • Each Oscillator and Filter with own dedicated envelope to control its volume or frequency respectively

  • Additional 3 freely assignable Modulation Envelopes.

  • Five LFOs with various waveforms, up to 320 Hz, tempo-sync, poly-, mono- and one-shot-mode, unipolar and bipolar options, integrated delay-attack-envelope, phase, symmetry and smoothing adjustable

  • 15 slot Modulation Matrix with 35 sources and more than 100 destinations including all important parameters

  • Fully recognizes Velocity, Aftertouch, Pitch Bend , Modulation-Wheel and various other MIDI controllers
  • A sophisticated effects section containing 15 Effects including various Delays, Chorus, Phaser, Filter, Reverb, Flanger, Gator, Stereo Enhancer, Parametric EQ and Crusher.
  • Glide / Portamento featuring mono/polyphonic operation, constant Time / Rate operation, Auto-Bend Modes and detailed options on where Glide takes place
  • 32-voice polyphony (CPU and sound program dependent) and adjustable voice limit.
  • Supports AU and VST hosts on Mac OS X and Windows PC.
  • Scaleable user interface on PC
  • Comes with 850 presets to get you started


Full / Demo Download

Until a valid serial is entered Spectral works in demo mode,  emmiting a "white noise" once in a while.

Note: The installers also work as an UPDATE-Installer!

Additional Sounds Download

Philippe Favre Sounds (free)


User Manual Download

You need a PDF viewer to read it, most likely your computer already has one.

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demo songs

All is Spectral by Marco Lehmann

Spectral Demo by Scott Yahney

SPECTRAcoLix Frank XenoX Neumann

[ Full Project Download (Logic X) ]

[ Spectracolix Video ]

Sepctral Demo by Joseph Hollo

[ Full Project Download (Cubase 7) ]

Meat Market by Vivolator

(Spectral + external Drums & Fx)

Spectral Demo by Vivolator

[ Full Project Download (Reaper) ]

Spectraland by G-Roove

(Spectral + external Fx)

Bigtone Preset Demo by Bigtone

Spectral Demo by Len Sasso

[ Full Project Download (Live 9 Mac) ]

spectracular by Frank XenoX Neumann

(Spectral + external Fx)

Robot Music (Short Version) by Aaron Jasinski (Spectral + external Fx)

more sounds

Spectral comes with many factory presets, but here are some additional sounds we highly recommend:

Simon Stockhausen created this very fine set of 100 sounds including leads, pads, sequences, soundscapes,  and drone sounds.

Available for purchase at patchpool

Doctor Doupledrop is the creator of many dance music oriented sound sets, his sounds for Spectral include the Dark Psytrance and Psytrance 1 to Psytrance 4. Each of his 5 sets contains 90 presets for producers of psytrance and all the related genres.

So a whopping 450 sounds in total!

XenoX.AFL from Particular Sound released this soundset consisting of 100 new sounds and 50 Arpeggiator sequences! Check out the demo at SoundCloud or get it right away at his store

Simon Stockhausen created another 100 sounds for Spectral, "from complex experimental textures to evolving pads and dark drones to playful and edgy sequences, tinkling bells and chimes to rich harmonic textures, expressive leads and exceptional alien and futuristic sound effects". More info at patchpool

version information





30. Jan 14

  • Loading of presets now twice as fast as before
  • Fixed right clicking dialog Matrix entry of 0:nn semitone/cent now possible
  • Fixed Reverb module may misbehave after reducing project samplerate
  • Fixed Save Dialog for Arpeggiator does not open at right folder
  • Fixed Double Click occasionally aborted preset selection
  • Fixed "Select Bank" title now "Select Sound" for sounds
  • Fixed hanging notes when playing the same note simultaneously on two midi channels
  • Fixed Copy/Paste among instances
  • Fixed occasional crashes of 64 bit version when loading presets
  • Fixed a number of smaller bugs and cosmetic isuues


25. Nov 13

initial release