SaxLab’s comes with a wide range of high-quality soundsets for bass, baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone and an effects section that includes a specialized chorus and reverb, as well as extensive real-time modulation options.

Special attention has been paid to making the performance controls as rich and responsive as possible, so that the instrument can be realistically played.

SaxLab is the result of many years of investigation and programming. It uses not one technology, but a very carefully balanced mixture of various techniques, to obtain the most realistic sax sound you can get from a virtual instrument. Authenticy, Expression and Variation is a must to obtain believable sax sounds. Better test SaxLab yourself.

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  • Many different sound sets for the various
     saxophone instruments
  • Monophonic with “real sax” behaviour
  • Adjustable mix of the “Air” layer, the “Keys” layer
     and the main tonal layer
  • User-definable, velocity-sensitive amplitude envelope
  • Tonal characteristics of the instrument’s overall
     sound can be defined by the user
  • Real-time control of the instrument’s amplitude,
     brightness, the amount of room and the “roaring”
     of the sound.
  • Three modes of mono performance: Legato,
     Retrigger and Alternate
  • Separate control of Up/Down Pitch Bend and Scoop
  • Adjustable pitch, air and body frequency
     deviation per note
  • Envelope, LFO and MIDI-controlled vibrato and tremolo
  • Specialized stereo chorus and stereo reverb effects
  • Full Micro Tuning capability (loads TUN files)
  • MidiLearn available for every control
  • Sample accurate timing, full automation and
      settings are saved with the song





30.Mar 2015

  • Mac only Update: Fixed slow opening on OSX 10.7 and earlier


25.Feb 2015

  • User interface in different sizes and supporting Retina display
  • fixed sound incompatibilities at different sample-rates
  • no longer available as RTAS plugin
  • Mac OS X 10.5 no longer supported


28.Mar 2014

  • Removed option which prevented editor to appear


17.Feb 2014

  • Fixed a bug that prevents LFO Controller selection to work properly


30.Jan 2014

  • Fixed a bug which could cause a crash
  • Improved Logic X compatibility
  • updated manuals


15.May 2013

Mac only update:

  • Fixed occasional problem with Air and Keys controls


31 Oct 2012

Mac only update:

  • OSX 10.8 certified installers
  • Fixed hangs when switching presets
  • Compatibility enhancements
  • Added MIDI output (parameter feedback) for Audio Units
  • Ended support for PowerPC processors


28.June 2012

Improved stability and a few cosmetic fixes


23.May 2012

  • 64bit version of AudioUnit and VST plugin on Mac
  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7 invert mouse scroll
  • Stability improvements
  • Ended support for Mac PowerPC G3 processors


7.Jun 2011

  • improved compatibility
  • support for asian languages in filenames


5.May 2010

  • 64 bit PC version available
  • compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and OSX 10.4 up to OSX 10.6
  • improved preset menu structure
  • fixed GUI flicker in Reaper


11.Dec 2008

Mac only update

  • Fixed mouse wheel display artifacts
  • Fixed SaxLab not accepting Serial / Enter in Logic 8


2.Dec 2008

  • New serial number licensing scheme


28.Oct 2008

  • Fixed ECS (MIDI learn) issues
  • Fixed a couple of smaller issues


2.Aug 2008

Mac only update

  • fixing incompatibility on Power PC’s


23.Jun 2008

  • The sample library has been rerecorded with a world class saxophone player and by using some of the finest recording gear available. Careful post-processing of the samples ensures that SaxLab can create truly expressive sax sounds.
  • The “Velocity to Envelope” control present in the first version of SaxLab has been replaced with a new control for enhancing the attack transients of notes. The “Velocity to Envelope” function is still present however it is no longer adjustable by the user. The new control can be used to improve the sound of attack transients and increases realism in the case of staccato or funky sax playing.
  • A fine control named Crossfade Time has been added to SaxLab's Mode section for automatic articulation depending on the tempos at which notes are played. It controls the time that a note's pitch takes to reach the target note when the instrument is in Legato mode.
  • The Performance section has been completely reworked and now contains many more control sources and destinations for real-time control and expression. The Performance section features a new MIDI Exp subsection which is a small modulation matrix customised for sax playing.
  • A new effect has been added to reproduce the “growl” sound which is a typical component of the sound of a saxophone.
  • The LFO has been improved and now uses a new waveshape. It also has a better "attack" characteristic so as to create a more natural sound.
  • The Air parameter now has a dedicated control in the Deviation section. This means that each note's “Air” component can be randomized, creating more timbrel variation from note to note.
  • The reverb algorithm has been improved so that it sounds more natural. In addition to this, the Reverb Mix parameter is available as a modulation destination in the MIDI Exp section.
  • The microtuning system used in previous version of SaxLab system has been updated so that the instrument now uses standard TUN files. This means that the number of microtuning systems available for use is vastly increased.

Demo / Full Download

Until a valid serial is entered SaxLab works in demo mode, emiting a "white noise" once in a while.


The update download is to update from any version 2.1.x


User Manual Download

You need a PDF viewer to read it, most likely your computer already has one.

  • A Mac or PC computer with at least 700 MHz CPU
  • An AU or VST capable DAW software like Cubase, Logic, Live, Studio One, Orion, FL Studio etc
  • SaxLab itself requires about 40 Mb memory (first instance, 30 Mb for all additional instances)
  • a Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or better
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and newer or Windows XP and newer
  • SaxLab comes as both native 32 bit and 64 bit plugin

The SaxLab is exclusively available as download directly from LinPlug.

It comes with a comprehensive PDF-manual in English and German.

Included are each 39 example preset sounds for use with breath controller

and for use with a keyboard, they can be adjusted to your needs.

The license fee is 99 US$ / 79 Euro

European Union click for a map of the world



“This instrument sounds amazing!”

Geary Yelton

Electronic Musician

on SaxLab 1

“If you need to use saxophone sounds regularly, it remains an excellent buy”

Verdict 8/10

Computer Music Oct 2008 on SaxLab 2

“I’ve used SaxLab for several realistic Sax solos and people who’ve heard wondered who I’d hired”

John Eddy, California USA on SaxLab 1

“I’ve never before played

such fantastic saxophones like the SaxLab ones!”

Francesco Crisafulli on SaxLab 2

“Using a carefully balanced mixture of various techniques, SaxLab 2 stakes its claim as king of the mountain, able to obtain the most realistic virtual sax out there.“

J. Irving-Giles

Gearwire, June 2008

on SaxLab 2

“SaxLab sounds a whole lot better than any of the sax patches on even the most expensive of my synth”

Future Music June 2005

on SaxLab 1

“The entire sound is harmonious and the typical sax playing noises are very well balanced”

KEYS 12/2008 on SaxLab 2

Jazzy Feast by Daniel Stawczyk

Jazz Funk by LotuZia

Sax me Up by Marco Lehmann

Bossa by LotuZia