There are thousands of unused drum loops ... What if they could be morphed into something sounding electronic, glitch, experimental, ambient, industrial, idm, noise, dub, techno? Impossible you say ? Try yourself.

relectro is no delay, compressor, filter nor pitch shifter but it does all that on a per wave cycle basis [find out more]. Don't try to grasp that intellectually, fire up some of the most boring, overused, outdated drums you have and relectro them into something completely different. You not need to believe it, you can do it!

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Main Processing Section with effects similar to

  • Compressor / Expander
  • Cut Filter, combined HP/LP with infinite slope
  • Comprehensive Pitch section for
    • relative pitch changing of the input
    • pitch fixing of the input and
    • invertable pitch following of the input
  • Variable Wave Repetition
  • Variable Waveform Replacement
  • 2 Band EQ

Main Modulation Section with

  • Two Conventional LFO
  • Two Modulation Step Sequencers
  • Modulation Matrix (including Pitch/Amp Follow)

  • Input Section with Filter and Delay
  • Output Section with HP/LP Filter and Chorus
  • Two wheels for Dry/Wet Blending and Morphing
  • MIDI Program Change support
  • MIDI Learn for Hardware Controllers





4.Mar 2014

Fixed possible crashes of 64 bit PC version when loading presets


1.Jan 2013

Maintenance update including smaller fixes and improvements


31.Oct 2012

Mac only update:

  • OSX 10.8 certified installers
  • Fixed hangs when switching presets
  • Compatibility enhancements
  • Added MIDI output (parameter feedback) for Audio Units
  • Ended support for PowerPC processors


20.Sep 2011

first release of relectro

Demo and Full Download

Until a valid serial is entered relectro works in demo mode, emmiting a "white noise" once in a while.

Note: The installers also work as an UPDATE-Installer!

User Manual Download

You need a PDF viewer to read it, most likely your computer already has one.

  • A Mac or PC computer with at least 1 GHz CPU
  • An AU or VST capable DAW software, like Cubase, Logic, Live, Studio One, Orion, FL Studio etc
  • relectro itself requires about 24 Mb memory (first instance, 12 Mb for all additional instances)
  • a Screen resolution of 1280 x 800 or better
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and newer or Windows XP and newer
  • relectro comes as both native 32 bit and 64 bit plugin

The relectro is exclusively available as download directly from LinPlug.

It comes with an English PDF-manual and 90 example presets

The license fee is 79 US$ / 59 Euro

European Union click for a map of the world



“Relectro macht einen Riesenspaß. Mit wenigen Handgriffen lassen sich bretternde Schlagzeugsoli in glucksende Minimal-Loops verwandeln.”

KEYS 01/2012

[ read review online ]

Translation: "Relectro is lots of fun. With just a few turns of the hand wicked drum solos can be turned into some chuggling minimal loops."

"Relectro really can transform tired drum loops into something totally new"

Martin Walker for Sound on Sound, June 2012

[ read review online ]

"OMG relectro is AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! I totally LOVE relectro's Amount dial morphing... you are a genius Peter! The sound quality of relectro is outstanding."
James Monroe / akabigjames

“Wer sein Geld mit dem Erstellen von Loops verdient, dem sei relectro besonders ans Herz gelegt.”

Sasche Sachs for Release Time

[ read review online ]

Translation: "Relectro is particularly recommended to those, who earn their money by creating loops."

“...ein eigenständiger Multieffekt, der wie ein Musikinstrument gespielt werden kann und auch unspektakuläre Drumloops in abgefahrene elektronische Rhythmen verwandelt.”

Beat #73
Rating: 5.5 out of 6

Translation: " autonomous multi-effects, which can be played like a musical instrument and which  transforms even unspectacular drum loops into funky electronic rhythms."

Demo Song 1 by elipsis1

Demo song 2 by Frank Neumann

Demo Song 3 by Jim Credland

Demo Song 4 by Ed ten Eyk

Dry / wet Comparison 1 by Ed Ten Eyk

Dry / wet Comparison 2 by Ed Ten Eyk

Dry / wet Comparison 3 by Ed Ten Eyk

Dry / wet Comparison 4 by Ed Ten Eyk

Dry / wet Comparison 5 by Ed Ten Eyk

Dry / wet Comparison 6 by Ed Ten Eyk

Dry / wet Comparison 7 by Marco Lehmann

Dry / wet Comparison 8 by Marco Lehmann

Dry / wet Comparison 9 by Marco Lehmann

Dry / wet Comparison 10 by Meyer Music Media