The Octopus contains one Matrix for Oscillator and Filter Frequency Modulation synthesis and another Matrix for general modulation. The key component for building a sound is the instrument’s 8 oscillators, 2 filters and up to 32 envelopes. These components are all it needs to create anything from classic “old school” FM timbres to complex sounds far beyond those possible with conventional FM synthesis.
The Octopus' 2 Filters permit using the filters as modulation sources; thus they can be used to modulate an oscillator—the sonic possibilities are tremendous.

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  • Flexible, Matrix-based Frequency Modulation synthesis
  • Oscillator Matrix with 10 modulation sources and
      8 modulation destinations
  • 550 presets sounds in a wide range of styles made by
      Nico Herz, Summa, Tim Conrardy and others
  • full cross-modulation, adjustable feedback for every
  • 8 additive oscillators using sample-based or
      user defined waveforms
  • Two independent multimode filters,
      available as FM sources
  • Up to 32 envelopes with multiple, syncable segments,
      freerun, loop and adjustable slopes
  • Graphical envelope editor with sophisticated
     editing functions
  • Envelopes can be used to modulate a wide range of
     parameters including amplitude, mix, panning, pitch,
     frequency, phase, cutoff and resonance of filters
  • Stereo effects section with 4 effects (Parametric EQ,
     Chorus, Delay and Reverb)
  • Two step sequencers each with up to 32 steps each
  • 24 voice polyphonic





15.Apr 2014

  • Fixed a bug which caused microtonal settings to be lost when restoring a project


30.Jan 2014

  • Improved compatibility with Logic Pro X
  • Fixed occasional crash when loading OSX version
  • Fixed occasional clicks at the end of the sound


31.Oct 2012

Mac only update:

  • 64bit version of AudioUnit and VST plugin
  • Mac OS X 10.8 certified installer
  • Ended support for PowerPC processors
  • Small fixes and improvements


16.Nov 2010

  • - fixed possible hanging note when using MIDI All-Notes-Off with mono sounds
  • - fixed host preset name not being updated upon preset change
  • - support for asian languages in filenames


24.Feb 2010

  • 64 bit PC version version available
  • compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and OSX 10.4 up to OSX 10.6
  • more useful default values in fx section
  • more useful sync values in delay section
  • now 24 voice polyphonic
  • smaller instrument, less memory usage
  • less CPU usage
  • improved preset menu structure


4.Dec 2006

Mac only update

  • Fixed performance problem on PowerPC Macs


19.Sep 2006

  • Fixed FM problem on Mac PowerPC
  • Fixed Filter Bypass not working
  • Fixed ineffective DC offset removal
  • Fixed ineffective LoFi button


14.Jul 2006

  • Now for Intel-based Mac computers
  • Further reduced CPU load
  • Envelopes now in sync even for very long notes
  • Improved voice stealing
  • Fixed seldom incomplete redrawing when switching oscillators


6.Jun 2006

Library Update: 130 new presets from The Outsiderz


24.Mar 2006

  • Fixed Filter muting problem
  • Fixed slightly inaccurate timing


6.Feb 2006

  • Status of controller is kept when a new preset is loaded
  • Optimized CPU on certain patches with long releases
  • Octopus’ Bank and Preset displays are now always updated
  • Fixed Glide on transposed sounds
  • Fixed crashes on a few AMD based systems
  • Host Mixer track now named Octopus
  • New Mastertune (fine tuning with 1 cent resolution)
  • Transpose range bug fixed (AU only)


12-Dec 2005

First release

Demo Download

The demo version emits a "demo noise" once in a while.

Full Version Download

The full download contains all presets and functions as a first or update install. No need to deinstall previous versions!

To update from 1.3.x to 1.3.3  

User Manual Download

You need a PDF viewer to read it, most likely your computer already has one.

  • A Mac or PC computer with at least 1 GHz CPU (2 GHz recommended), 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • An AU or VST capable DAW software like Cubase, Logic, Live, Studio One, Orion, FL Studio etc
  • a Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 (1280 x 800 or better recommended)
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and newer or Windows XP and newer
  • Octopus comes as both native 32 bit and 64 bit plugin

The Octopus is exclusively available as download from LinPlug.

It comes with an English, French and German PDF-manual.

Included are more than 550 factory presets.

The license fee is 99 US$ / 79 Euro

European Union click for a map of the world



"The more you explore octopus, the more you appreciate its unique and versatile sound"

Computer Music, March 2006

Performance Award

"The LinPlug Octopus is a true specialist for complex, lively and rhythmic sound structures!"

KEYS 4/2006

The additional Octopus sounds listed here are exclusively available as download from LinPlug.

Octopus Summa Signature

This set of more than 250 new patches gives you a vast variety of excellent FM sounds. Summa is known to be one of the most skilled sound designers when it comes to FM synthesis.

[ Download for Mac ]

[ Download for PC ]

55 Pads / Ambient

38 Basses

19 Bell Sounds

15 Plucked, Semireal
   and Keys sounds

45 Drums

11 Voice Sounds

53 Leads

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

Demo's are Sounds of this set only (no other instrument or sounds)

License fee: 25.99 US$ / 19 Euro

European Union



Delivery: Download 2 Mb

Octopussy by Marco Lehmann

Octopus ft Alpha by Quarter Space

Octopus featuring RMIV by Boom Jinx

Attack of the Octopus by Tonal Axis

In Its Grasps by Brice Duncan

Octopus World by Tim Conrardy