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The second set for Spectral by Daniel Stawczyk, one of our favourite sound designers.

Enjoy with us another 24 Bass', 40 Synths and 36 Leads, every single one carefully crafted.

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Free Synthesizer

A cut down version of our acclaimed Alpha Synthesizer is available for free - the FreeAlpha


1.Jun 2015

Spectral has been updated to version 1.2.7 to fix a few bugs and add support for latest sound libraries.

for Mac and for PC

30. Mar 2015

Severale small fixes this month for CrX 4.0.4, SaxLab 2.2.1 (Mac only) and Spectral 1.2.4

Also: New CrX4 review online:

SoundbytesMag CrX 4 review

25.Feb 2015

SaxLab 2.2 is now available with a User interface in two sizes and supporting Retina display on Mac OSX and with 3 sizes on PC. Moreover some sound incompatibilities at different sample-rates have been eliminated.

3.Feb 2015

RMV has been updated to version 5.1.5 with this issues fixed:

* tempo sync problem with groove

  and loop players

* crash when changing buffers

plus some small fixes /improvements

28. November 2014

Spectral has been update with new features, a wonderful set of warm, full sounds has been crafted by Himalaya for Spectral  
Have a wonderful holiday season.

3.November 2014

A wonderful set of 104 cinematic, emotion evoking Spectral sounds creted by Daniel Stawczyk.

You may try before you buy.

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Current Versions

Alpha 3.3

CrX4 4.0.4

MorphoX 1.1.1

Octopus 1.3.4

Organ 3.2.0

relectro 1.0.3

RMV 5.1.5

SaxLab 2.2.1

Spectral 1.2.6