The LinPlug Spectral allows to create a tremendous variety of sounds. The start of our series of additional sounds marks this set of 100 truly "electronic" sounds of UK electronic music legend Ian Boddy. We are grateful that Ian took the time to work with Spectral and made available this unique set. Be among the first who tried it. [ read more ]

The wait is over. The anticipated update is finally here, fixing a couple of issues and introducing new features like a larger Matrix, many new effects modulations and a couple of improvements on the sound engine. And its free again.

[ Download for Mac ] [ Download for PC ]

LinPlug Users

Paul Hartnoll bought RMV

Luca Anzilotti bought Alpha, RMIV and SaxLab

Vince Clarke bought Octopus

Mike Gonsolin bought all LinPlug products

The Pet Shop Boys bought the RMIV

Robotiko Rejekto bought MorphoX, Octopus and CrX4

Tomas Bodin bought Spectral, MorphoX and CrX4

Roger Hatfield bought CronoX and MorphoX

Boris Blank bought MorphoX and CrX4


19.Sep 2014

Spectral has been updated to version 1.1, including many more modulations, a larger matrix and many detail improvements and bug fixes.

This is anther free update, get it for Mac and for PC

+ Hotfix 1.1.1 on 20.Sep 2014

9.September 2014

To start our series of extraordinary sounds for our Spectral synthesizer we are today proud to release a set of 100 Sounds created by UK electronic music legend Ian Boddy.

[ read more ]

1.June 2014

We call this June, the MONTH OF SOUNDS: in addition to recently released Sonic Geometry we now have two more sound banks for you: The free Comb Pack for CrX4 by Philippe Favre and the Retro Rocket for Alpha by Vivolator.

2.May 2014

Yemski did it again! After crafting presets for Albino and our new Spectral he made an exceptional and comprehensive refill for CrX4: More than 550 sounds invite you to a journey into his "Sonic Geometry"

[ read more + mp3 demos ]

15.Apr 2014

Built since 2001, version 3 since 2007, now its updated again. Version 3.3 is coming in 4 flavours. One of the most classic virtual instruments ever: our Alpha 3.3 Classic Synthesizer

28.Mar 2014

CrX4 gets a couple of bugfixes and smaller optimizations with version 4.0.3. SaxLab and MorphoX get a tiny update with some fixes, more details in the "news" tab and download in the "downloads" tab of the respective product page. FreeAlpha has been updated to version 3.3 !

4.Mar 2014

MorphoX gets a face lift to version 1.1, adding a couple of features including scaleability and undo/redo. Full info in the "news" tab on the Morphox page.

Also updated: Albino and relectro.


Current Versions

Alpha 3.3

CrX4 4.0.3

MorphoX 1.1.1

Octopus 1.3.4

Organ 3.2.0

relectro 1.0.3

RMV 5.1.4

SaxLab 2.1.8

Spectral 1.1.1

Free Synthesizer

A cut down version of our acclaimed Alpha Synthesizer is available for free - the FreeAlpha