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CrX4 / CronoX 3 Sound Compatibility

CrX4 is a major redesign from its predecessor CronoX3. Though it seems to feature almost the same modules, these modules and their interaction has reworked a lot (more on this in the News tab of the CrX4 info page).

Thanks to this rework many of the modules produces a crisper sound as before, work more efficiently or offer wider parameter- and modulation-ranges. All this makes CrX4 rather a new instrument, based on the ideas of CronoX than an upgrade. However, due to a lot of efforts to map CronoX 3 sound programs to the new architecture, CrX4 plays about 90% of the CronoX 3 sounds quite accurate.

Actually none of the presets sound the same in CronoX3 and CrX4 when compared on an absolute, mathematically precise level, however, even to the trained ear most presets sound the same in both synthesizers.  

CrX4 loads and plays about 90% of the CronoX 3 sounds accurately

Sound programs are adapted automatically upon load. This not only applies to CronoX 3 presets, but also to CronoX 2 presets. So CrX4 is much closer to the still popular sound of CronoX 2 than CronoX 3 was. When loading a preset of any CrX4 predecessor, the patch gets mapped to the new architecture, instantly and with no noticeable delay.

CronoX 3 and even CronoX 2 sound programs are adapted automatically upon load

Some sounds, however, will just simply not sound exactly the same. If you have a certain patch which not sounds the same and for which you want to use CrX4 to play it back, here are some hints on what to check and try to make it sound more like it was in CronoX 3:

- there is no second Mod Envelope anymore. If not yet used, you can use the first Mod Envelope or an unused Filter Envelope (when Filter Env Depth is 0 and not yet used in the Matrix) as a replacement

- there is no LFO Decay parameter anymore. If not yet used you can use the Mod Enevelope or an unsuned Filter Envelope to fade out the LFO (using the Matrix)

- Oscillators with volume risen via Matrix may sound different, especially in crossmodulation (as crossmodulation now allows larger ranges), try to adjust the Oscillator Volume directly and removing the Matrix entry

- Oscillator Crossmodulation with the source oscillator using Spread might require adjustment of the source oscillator volume

- The arpeggiator has no Velocity Blending anymore, there is no workaround for this (other than adjusting the Velocity values in the Arpeggiator one by one).

- CrX4 festures no 5.1 surround Mixer anymore, there is no workaround for this

Tips for improving incompatible sounds

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