LinPlug Virtual Instruments GmbH

Eibischstr. 6a - 12357 Berlin - Germany

Trade Registered in Berlin, District Council Berlin, HRB 83637, CEO Peter Linsener

Vat-Id DE219942330 Tax-Id 29/18/8158

For all kinds in inquiries please use Email:

I am Peter, the founder of LinPlug and creator of most of our instruments. I do all programming and support for Windows PC. I used to play synthesizers and bass guitar.

Email me at

I am Pavol, since 2002 I work for LinPlug, my job is to get our instruments running on Mac, and to support our clients in all Mac specific questions.

Email me at

We believe in a world in which we exchange goods or services and money instead of just grabbing what we desire.
Please pay us for using our software, we pay for what we use too.

All LinPlug web-servers and our head office in Berlin run on 100% green energy.

Just for our Slovakian office there is no green power yet available.

LinPlug lends money to individuals and groups via kiva. This is to help the poorest to start up or improving their small business.

LinPlug is not only the team, its all the helping hands who are part of LinPlug and our Instruments (in alphabetic order): Andy Becksa, Anthony Lydick, Arksun, Christian Meyer, Cliff Douse, Dan H. Rose, Ed Ten Eyk, Fabio D. Garcia, Frank XenoX Neumann of Particular Sound, Geoff Levin, George Leger III, Jeff Taylor-Cross, Jim Credland, Joakim Fahlström, Junebug from Electronisounds, Kai Tracid, Kelvin Russell, Len Sasso, Luigi Felici, Luke Skirenko, Mariano Etchepareborda from Swar Systems, Marco Lehmann, Matt Heider, Matthew Tyas, Michael Anthony, Mighty Hero, Mirko, Ned Bouhalassa, Nico Herz from Big!Tone, Nils Hamann, Patrick Anglard, Paul Brown from Manytone, Philippe-Favre, Richard Hoffmann from Synapse Audio, Rob Papen, Sascha Kujawa, Scot Solida, Shaun Michael Ellwood, Sean Forsythe, Steve Kay, Ted Perlman and our Japanese distributor and the nice people at Ableton, Apple, Cockos, Image Line,  Presonus, Steinberg, Synapse Audio and XT Software.