<the above screenshot is the blended view between the two different lower parts: LFO/Arpeggiator and Sample Window>                                

CrX4 mixes up your samples in realtime like no other instrument. If you start with a kick sample you may end up with getting a fascinating pad from it, and you should not be astonished to get some punchy drums just from your vocal samples. Its CrX4, samples are only food for its versatile and unique engines, featuring 3 different specialized sample processing generators, an oscillator, a sophisticated noise generator and all the filters and modulations you expect from a fully fledged synthesizer.

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  • Versatile architecture with 4 generators and 2 filters.
  • Time-Sampler with independent real-time time-stretching
      and pitch-shifting (which can be modulated)
  • Wavetable Generator that offers wavetable

    operations on any sample (can be modulated)

  • Loop Sampler Generator with loop-points and sample-start

   which can be modulated

  • Analogue-modeled Oscillator Generator
  • Versatile Noise Oscillator with many filter options
  • Free Filter with unique, continuously adjustable

    filter-type that can be modulated (LP->BP->HP->BR->LP)

  • Powerful, editable arpeggiator with up to 32 steps
  • Sampler Generators support audio formats

    WAV and AIFF up to 24 bit/96 kHz

  • 2 analog-style multimode stereo filters
  • 7 ADSFR or AHDSR-type envelopes for various purposes
  • 4 LFOs (up to 275 Hz) with various options
  • Modulation Matrix with 10 routings
  • 23 modulation sources and 68 destinations
  • Recognizes all common MIDI Controllers
  • “MIDI Learn” function for easy controller assignment
  • 6 simultaneously available multi effect units
  • Mono/Polyphonic adjustable Portamento/Glide
  • 32-voice polyphony





30.Mar 2015

  • Fixed potential unwanted silence when using FM on a Sample-based carrier


28.Mar 2014

  • Fixed compatibility problem with Cubase which prevented session settings to restore
  • Fixed Gator effect may not work accoring to settings in rare cases
  • Fixed Alternate modulation source not correct in Mono-Mode
  • Removed option which prevented editor to show
  • Improved Library Path now adjusted immediately when setting a Startup Preset


17.Feb 2014

  • Fixed a bug which could cause a crash
  • Fixed inverted samples are not shown correctly for Generator 2 to 4
  • Fixed issues with serial filter audio signal flow
  • Improved Logic X compatibility


15. May 2013

Factory library extended by another 100 sounds from Philippe Favre, now in the full installer or available directly here: [ for Mac ] and [ for PC ].


1.Jan 2013

Factory library extended by 64 sounds from Big!Tone, now in the full installer or available directly here: [ for Mac ] and [ for PC ].


30.Nov 2012

Factory library extended by 100 sounds from Philippe Favre, now in the full installer


31.Oct 2012

  • Arpeggiator Swing is back
  • fixed LFO Attack not working whith certain Phase settings
  • fixed EQ could be working even when Gain=0
  • fixed Gator could be out of sync when used in non 4/4 beats
  • fixed LFO operation mode not saved
  • Fixed hangs when switching presets
  • Compatibility enhancements
  • Added MIDI output (parameter feedback) for Audio Units


27.Aug 2012

New version with many improvements and new features

  • filter saturation can be modulated
  • loaded loop sampler presets have samples now loaded successively (no gaps)
  • filter may be routed in serial or parallel
  • LFO's speed can be modulated
  • now up to 4 loop samplers
  • invisible, automatic master limiter
  • envelopes switchable between ADSFR and AHDSR mode
  • envelopes shape (lin…log) now individually adjustable for every phase
  • switchable MIDI Program/bank change (may be disabled in setup)
  • chorus now with invert switch
  • oscillators can be run up to +12 dB now
  • oscillators allow +-5 octave pitch modulation now (+-3 or -2/+5 before)
  • oscillator FM and AM now with much wider range (more intensity)
  • oscillator balance can be modulated
  • all-on-one-edit-page design
  • larger sample display
  • extended envelope parameter modulation (sustain, hold)
  • LFO frequency range up to 275 Hz,
  • new LFO waveforms (impulse, peak and random pulse)
  • LFO one-shot mode
  • Symmetry now working for LFO Noise too
  • New noise oscillator with double filter, pitching and cross modulation
  • reworked oscillator with variable aliasing (thus compatible with CronoX 2 and 3)
  • switchable CronoX 2 sound compatibility (automatically on loading CronoX 2 presets)
  • editing functions (typically load, save, copy, paste and init for many modules)
  • all sample content comes now in WAV format (for easier processing outside CrX4)
  • new preset browser with full size bank or patch view
  • MIDI-CC indicators next to preset name
  • About 300 reworked CronoX 3 presets + about 200 new presets

Demo Download

The demo version emits a "demo noise" once in a while.

Full Version Download

Requires a serial number. Size

600 Mb (Mac) 550 Mb (PC)

The update download is to update the instrument from version any 4.0.x to 4.0.4

User Manual Download

You need a PDF viewer to read it, most likely your computer already has one.

Bonus Sounds Download

Philippe Favré Comb Pack

  • A Mac or PC computer with at least 1.5 GHz CPU and 2 GB RAM and 2 GB free Disk Space
  • An AU or VST capable DAW software like Cubase, Logic, Live, Studio One, Orion, FL Studio etc
  • a Screen resolution of 1280 x 800 or better
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and newer or Windows XP and newer
  • CrX4 comes both as native 32 bit and 64 bit plugin

The CrX4 is exclusively available as download (aprox. 630 Mb) directly from LinPlug.

It comes with a comprehensive 70 page English PDF-manual and more than 1250 preset sounds to get you started.

The license fee is 129 US$ / 119 Euro

European Union click for a map of the world



The upgrade is 39 US$ / 29 Euro

CrX4 comes with many factory presets, but here is an additional soundset we highly recommend:

yemski sonic geometry

a comprehensive refill for CrX4,

a whole new library inculding 553 new presets,

programmed by Yemski

"Die überarbeitete und deutlich erweiterte Presetauswahl zeigt, wie vielfältig CrX4 ist."
Ulf Kaiser for
KEYS 11/2012

Translation: "The revised and significantly expanded preset selection shows the diversity of CrX4."

"CrX4 can make a wide variety of quality sounds, has an abundance of great presets, and the ability to load your own samples further enhances its possibilities. "

Rob Mitchell for SoundBytes magazine

>>> [ read review online ] <<<

"Mit seinen einzigartigen klanglichen Möglichkeiten setzt sich CrX4 wohltuend von den üblichen virtuell-analogen Verdächtigen ab und begeistert als wahres Synthese-Chamäleon mit einer Stärke für moderne, animierte Sounds."
Mario Schumacher for
BEAT 11/2012 / Rating 5 out of 6

>>> [ read review online ] <<<

Translation: "With its unique sonic possibilities the CrX4 sets itself apart from the usual virtual analog synth and amazes as a synth- chameleon with its strength for modern, animated sounds"

Cro Nox You Out by Marco Lehmann

CronoX 3 Demo by Torben Hansen

CronoXygen by Marco Lehmann

A matter of Time (a single chord) by Mike Hobson

Preset Demo by Marco Lehmann